What I use and how I make my Lulu staffs

I have made two Lulu staffs now and i am proud of both to be honest, though there is always room for improvement. I got asked what i make my staffs out of so i decided to so like a little tutorial.

So first I take a pipe/wood and cardboard skeleton. My Winter Wonder Lulu staff has a brass pipe and my Wicked Lulu is a bamboo stickAfter that’s done I spray one side with Great Stuff Insulation Foam and let that dry then spray the other and let dry. I usually give it a night to dry because the outside sets faster than the inside. Now this stuff is extremely sticky, it does not come out of clothes and it takes forever to get off of skin so i suggest wearing old clothes and gloves.

After all that, then you carve. You can use a regular kitchen knife or box opener to cut through this stuff, its really easy to get through.

After the carving I paper mache mine. I know a lot of people use other things but i like the paper mache. It makes it light enough and soft enough where its easy to carry and if i accidentally whack someone with it, it wont hurt that much haha.

Once the paper mache is try you can do one of two things, you can paint right then or you can do what I do and actually wrap the whole thing in duct tape. I feel that it makes it stronger and it holds together well.

After that I just paint it, i usually cover the whole thing in spray paint then detail it then put a clear protective coat.

I know im not a pro but i hope this helps anyone looking to make a Lulu staff, just give some ideas!

My cosplay facebook page, you can follow the progress of my cosplay =)